Standards and Education

Education Mission:

Bungay International Inc. is committed to helping building a society based upon education. In 2002 it established private education institute which has evolved into the International Institute of Real Estate Finance ( The institute has implemented a fellowship program which is available to deserving young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds, to gain apprenticeship in all aspects of the real estate finance industry. To apply for enrollment, a scholarship or to refer a qualified individual, please contact our company or visit

Institute Qualitas™

Learn about Certified Quality Management Systems & Technology

    • Learn about how to become a RCQMP™ Registered Certified Quality Management Professional, visit Institute Qualitas™.

    • Learn how to become a CCQMO - Chief Certified Quality Management Officer for an Organization, visit Institute Qualitas™.

Institute Qualitas™

CQMFA™ Certified Quality Management-in-Finance

Institute = Institute Qualitas™ + MQCC™ Academy

Private Equity Mortgage Institute (PEMI)®


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